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Jack's Magic Traditional Garden Fertiliser

Jack’s Magic Garden Fertiliser is a rich source of the key nutrients and trace elements all plants need to thrive. Jack’s special formula grows greener, healthier and blooming lovely plants

  • A rich organic base, with added trace elements
  • Enriched seaweed, a natural growth stimulant
  • Low dust granular formulation
  • Enriches soil fertility, builds stronger roots, grows bigger, better, brighter flowers, shrubs & vegetables
  • Helps prevent pests and diseases
  • NPK 6-8-12
  • Size 1.75kg box, 3.5kg tub
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How to use for results as good as Jack's!

‌• Jack recommends using his garden fertiliser to enrich soil before planting and also for feeding established plants.

‌• One handful of Jack’s Magic Garden Fertiliser is approximately 25g.

‌• Before planting or sowing, apply 150g/sq.m to the soil for general soil improvement, and before planting flowers, roses, shrubs, garden borders, vegetable plots , fruit and lawns. Work into the soil to distribute evenly and water to activate. For very hungry crops, such as potatoes, this can be increased to 200g/sq.m

‌• Established plants apply 75g/sq.m thinly and evenly to the soil surface and lightly incorporate, then water to activate. Apply a repeat treatment after 6-8 weeks.

Jack's tips & advice

‌• Reseal the pack after use.

‌• Safe for use in gardens with children and pets, but store out of their reach and in a cool, dry, frost-free place, away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals. Some dogs try to eat Jack’s Magic Garden Fertiliser, which can upset their stomachs, so avoid this by making sure the granules are thoroughly worked down into the soil.

‌• Keep granules off plant stems, foliage and flowers.

‌• Don’t apply more than recommended. Jack doesn’t want you to waste your money, or damage your plants.

‌• Jack recommends wearing gloves when handling the granules, then washing your hands and exposed skin afterwards.

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