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John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost

John Innes composts were developed over 50 years ago and are based on a traditional recipe of sterilised loam, peat and horticultural grit with added nutrients.

  • Gives young plants the best start in life
  • Feeds for four weeks
  • Encourages healthy growth
  • Develops stronger roots
  • Sizes 10L, 30L
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Westland John Innes No. 1 Young Plant Compost, a loam based compost which is a naturally reduced peat mix, is specifically designed to establish young seedlings and plants. Westland John Innes No.1 gives young plants the best start in life.

‌• Contains a carefully balanced nutrient content to suit young plants

‌• Easy to water and re-wet

‌• High loam content acts as a buffer for nutrients

‌• Heavy compost to stabilise small pots and containers


‌• Keep compost moist NEVER allow to dry out

‌• Water carefully using a watering can with a fine rose

‌• Do not overfeed

Handy Gardening Tips

• Store in a frost free place and away from weedkillers and other garden chemicals
• Re-seal bag after use



How to use

First, put on a pair of gloves and rework compost between your hands, so it regains its intended texture. Then you’re all set. 


A gardener pricking out seedlings from a seed tray.

‌• Fill pot with John Innes No.1 Young Plant Compost, water and allow to drain.

‌• Prick out seedlings when they are large enough to handle.

‌• Hold seedling by the leaves to avoid damage and tease roots out using a dibber or pencil.

‌• Place the seedlings in a small hole, making sure that the roots are not exposed and gently fill in with compost.

‌• Place the seedlings on a windowsill or in a greenhouse out of direct sunlight.

‌• Feed seedlings after four weeks depending on the growing season.

‌• When the plant has out grown the container, pot on using John Innes No.2 Potting-on Compost.


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