Nature's Feast Sunflower Hearts

Nature's Feast Sunflower Hearts

Our Nature's Feast Sunflower Hearts provide one of the highest energy, most palatabe foods for birds. As the husks have
already been removed, the seeds are easier for almost all garden birds to consume, they also leave no mess or
waste in the garden.

  • Considered the best straight food
  • A premium, no mess seed
  • Size 1KG, 1.75KG, 5KG, 12.75KG

How to use 

Sunflower Hearts are perfect for bird feeders, bird tables and ground feeders too.

Will attract the following birds

• Robin • Greenfinch • Goldfinch • Chaffinch • Dunnock • House Sparrow • Woodpecker • Blue Tit • Tree Sparrow • Blackbird • Great Tit • Starling • Coal Tit


Sunflower Hearts.

Our hygiene checklist

Maintaining a hygienic environment is important when feeding wild birds and here are some vital tips: 

Only put out 1-2 days food at a time, as old food can cause health risks and attract pests. To avoid a build-up of bacteria, moulds or toxins relocate feeding stations regularly. Remove wet or old food and clean with warm water and disinfectant.
Wear gloves and wash your hands after handling products. Store in a cool, dry place.

Not fit for human consumption.

    Very Bad

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