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Resolva Path & Patio Powerpump

Resolva Path & Patio Powerpump contains glyphosate & diquat for fast effective control of annual & deep-rooted perennial garden weeds including grasses, docks, nettles, dandelion, bindweed & many more on all paths, patios and driveways.

  • Ideal for paths, patios & driveways
  • Dual action trigger
  • Visible results within 24 hours
  • Kills the weed & root
  • Contains diquat & glyphosate
  • Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use
  • Size 5L

How to use

Always read the label fully before use

• As good general practice the wearing of gloves is recommended when using this product although it is not a requirement


• Spray weed leaves lightly until visibly moistened but avoid wetting to run-off

• Do not walk into treated areas until the spray has dried on the leaves to avoid transfer to lawns and other vegetation

• Treatment effect on some weeds will be seen within a few days

• Other tougher weeds may not show effects for up to 4 weeks

• Leave weeds for at least 7 days before cultivating.

1. Getting started

Cut the cable ties on the handle to release the pump. Turn the handle clockwise to unlock. Pump the handle for up to 20 times for over 5 minutes of controllable spray. After pumping push the handle down, and turn anti-clockwise to lock.

2. Spraying

Lift the wand from its holder and release the hose. Adjust the sprayer nozzle to get the required spray pattern. Simply press the trigger to start spraying. For continuous spray, simply push the trigger up until it locks into place. Release trigger again for manual control and for storage. If you start to lose pressure, re-pump the handle and continue spraying.

3. Storage

Replace the wand in its holder, with the trigger pointing upwards. Ensure the pump handle is pushed down and locked. Turn the cap anti-clockwise to release the pressure and then retighten before storage.

4. Refilling

Refill only with Resolva Path and patio Power Pump Refill. Remove the pump and cap completely by unscrewing it anticlockwise, fill with the liquid and replace the pump and cap. Use as per previous steps.

When to use

• Use on a calm day when weeds are actively growing & have a large leaf area to absorb the weedkiller spray.

• Rainfall within 6 hours of application may reduce effectiveness and require re-treatment.

• Kills most weeds with a single application.

• Some tough weeds may need repeat treatment if regrowth appears.

• Two applications is the maximum number permitted.

Where to use

• For use on unwanted vegetation.


• DO NOT apply to lawns or other unwanted plants unless you intend to kill them.

• Take extreme caution to avoid drift as Resolva Path & Patio kills all green plant growth including grass.

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