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Seramis Orchid Plant Food

Seramis Orchid Plant Food

Use diluted to feed orchids to promote flowering and healthy foliage

  • Specially formulated for flowering orchids
  • Easy squeeze measure
  • Makes 40L of feed
  • NPK 6-3-6
  • 200ml

The perfect plant food for your orchids. This balanced nutrient formula is enriched with the essential food and trace elements that orchids need to thrive. It helps orchids grow healthy and strong with a rich green leaf colour, and boosts flower growth.



Remove the cap to reveal the dosing system. Holding the bottle upright, gently squeeze the bottle to fill the dosing chamber with plant food. The doser will suck back excess fertiliser, leaving a 5ml dose in the chamber. Add this dose to 1 litre of water. Use this fertiliser solution every second watering during the growing season. In the winter, use this solution every fourth watering. Through this regular, gentle addition of nutrients your orchids will stay beautiful and healthy.

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