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Westland Houseplant Potting Mix

Westland Houseplant Potting Mix is a specially blended mix for potting or re-potting most indoor plants including cacti and bottle gardens. 
  • Added perlite for optimum airflow & drainage
  • Contains watering-retaining Seramis
  • For healthier growth & greener leaves
  • Specialist brand
  • Available in sizes 4L and 8L

When to use

  • Spring or Autumn


How to use

  • Water plant well and allow to drain
  • Choose a pot around 3-5cm larger than the old one with drainage holes
  • Place a layer of potting mix in the bottom of the new pot and carefully remove the plant from its pot
  • Holding it upright and in the middle of the pot,carefully fill with potting mix around the sides until the pot is full
  • Tap the pot to settle the mix and water well

Why use?

  • This open, free draining mix promotes healthier growth and greener leaves for an outstanding indoor garden!
  • Contains unique Seramis granules for optimum water and nutrient availability
  • Added perlite for airflow & drainage resulting in healthier root development.


What to expect

  • Healthy beautiful plants
    Very Bad

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