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Westland Hydrangea Feed

Westland Hydrangea Feed is enriched with essential nutrients to promote a

boost in flowering. 

  • Boosts flower colour intensity

  • Better flower growth
  • Easily absorbs nutrients
  • Healthier plant growth
  • NPK 4.5-2-7 + trace elements
  • 1L

When to use

  • Apply monthly throughout growing season (April-August). Feeding after August can result in excess tender leafy growth that will be at risk from frost damage. 




How to use

  • Shake bottle well, then add half a capful (20ml) to 4.5L water

  • Stir well and add to the compost/soil until completely saturated

  • Avoid wetting the foliage



Growing Tips


Keep containers watered all year round to prevent drought stress and encourage healthier stronger plants. 

Plant Care:

Pruning in late winter/early spring helps to encourage new vigorous growth and a better floral display. 

Why use

  • It helps maintain plant health by building tolerance to pests and diseases

  • With a moisture control booster and a bio stimulant for stress tolerance, it keeps Hydrangeas healthy and promotes

    vigorous flowering



What to expect

  • More new growth and more flowers

    Very Bad

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