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Blossom end rot

Problem: Blossom end rot


This problem is not caused by a pest or disease, but in fact by lack of calcium in the fruit. This lack of calcium causes damage to the cells in the fruit and thus a sunken dark patch appears on the end of the fruit.


Solution: Regular watering is essential to get calcium to the fruits, calcium is not absorbed very easily through the leaves so the root system is extremely important. Feeding according to the label instructions can also help to increase the flow of calcium, however too much feed can result in other nutrients competing with the calcium for take-up into the plant.

Tomato Blight

Problem: Tomato Blight


Fungal disease spread in wet warm weather. Caused rapid death of foliage and collapse and decay of plant.


There are no chemical treatments available, therefore prevention of the disease is the best course of action. Firstly practice good garden hygiene by cleaning down and disinfecting greenhouse each season. Remove any dead plants immediately from garden if blight is suspected – do not compost. Keep monitoring plants during and after warm humid weather. When watering tomatoes, do not water foliage, just the roots. Excess water in the leaves creates the perfect environment for blight to flourish.

Split or Cracked Tomatoes

Problem: Split or Cracked Tomatoes


Ripening tomatoes can split or have a network of cracks/scars on their skin. This is caused by inappropriate growing conditions such as temperature extremes, nutrient deficiency or soil moisture fluctuations.


Controlling the growing conditions is key to prevent this problem. Regular feeding and watering to keep soil fertility high and moisture levels constant are key to helping to prevent splitting. Finally taking steps to minimise excessive temperatures, such as ventilation or shading will also help.

Yellowing Leaves

Problem: Yellowing Leaves


Yellowing on leaves of tomatoes will generally mean that there will be some kind of nutrient deficiency or that the plant is having trouble with the uptake of nutrients.


Check drainage in pot/growbag as if the soil is waterlogged this will stunt the root growth and prevent the plant from taking in nutrients. Feed your tomato plant with Gro-Sure Tomato Feed, this is balanced to provide all of the nutrients required for a healthy high cropping tomato plant.

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