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The most popular dwarf variety for spring sowing, and very good for summer sowing to produce a later crop. It yields well filled, dark green, pointed pods and peas of outstandingly good flavour.

  • Well filled pods
  • Dwarf variety
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Sowing Time



Harvest Time


Plant Spacing

60cm (24in)



Sowing Outdoors

  • Make a flat bottomed drill 15cm (6in) wide and water it well
  • Sow about ten seeds per 30cm (12in), spacing them evenly in a zigzag manner
  • Cover with about 2cm (1in) of soil, and firm it down with the flat edge of a rake
  • Allow about 60cm (24in) between rows



  • As the peas start to grow, support them with netting or pea sticks
  • The plants will reach a height if up to 60cm (24in)



  • Keep well watered, especially in dry spells



  • From May to August, depending on sowing time

Growing Tips

  • As seedlings emerge, the shoots are very attractive to birds, placing a few little twigs over the row rill give some protection


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