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Westland SafeLawn is perfect for households that love their lawn, but are put off using chemicals due to safety concerns over children and pets. It is a unique and organic fertiliser with added lawn seed, made using only natural ingredients.

SafeLawn nourishes lawns, greening them up within a week and then continues to feed as it naturally breaks down. Its formula guarantees results, a green, lush and thick lawn, with healthy grass from root to tip!

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Garden Advice

Natural Child & Pet Friendly Lawncare

A thick healthy lawn makes the best play space for children and pets.

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Lawn spreader settings

You can use any lawn spreader to apply Westland Lawn Care Products. Here's a uide on which settings to use to apply the correct rate. 

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How to mow your lawn

Mowing is an easy way to get your lawn looking neat and tidy and to make it more appealing for outdoor entertaining. 

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A clever guide to thick lawns

There's nothing better than relaxing on thick, green grass in the sun. 

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