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What is companion planting?

What is companion planting?

Companion planting is a traditional practice used by organic gardeners and is used to naturally protect vulnerable crops from pests and diseases.

By growing specific plants together it is possible to reduce the risk of pests and diseases for a particular plant.

Examples include:

  • Carrots & Chives – The growing chives confuse carrot fly, so they are less likely to attack the carrot crop.
  • Tomatoes & BasilBasil helps to ward off white fly on tomatoes, a great tip when grown in the greenhouse and they taste nice together too!
  • Broad Beans & NasturtiumsNasturtiums will attract the caterpillars, preventing damage to your broad beans.
  • Cabbages & Nasturtiums - Blackfly love Nasturtiums, so grow them by your broad beans to prevent your precious crops being attacked.
  • Tomatoes & MarigoldsMarigolds produce a chemical which aphids don’t like, so are great for preventing an aphid attack. Marigolds can also help prevent tomatoes from slugs and wireworm.

If the above suggestions don’t work and your plants are under attack, grab a bottle of Resolva Bug Killer which has a Which? Best Buy, controls over 19 types of pest on over 37 crops.

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