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What is compost?

What is compost?

Home compost

Every good gardener will have a compost bin that sits in the corner of the garden and is filled with general garden waste, veg peelings, egg shells and coffee grounds. This rots down over time to provide a basic compost that is ready to use in your garden.

Good for:

  • Large areas
  • General soil improvement


Shop bought compost

Shop bought compost is the compost you buy in bags from your supermarket, garden centre or DIY specialist.

These composts are mixed with exactly the right nutrients to suit their use (a compost for acid-loving plants will have a higher pH level).

Each pack of compost in the Westland range is a finely tuned mixture that has been prepared to give your seed/plant/bulb the very growing conditions to get spectacular results. It is also free from weeds and pathogens to ensure healthy plant growth.

Good for:

  • Pots, containers
  • Seeds
  • Bulbs
  • Vegetables
  • Flowers
  • Specialist plants
  • Acid loving plants (unless your soil is naturally acidic)

Find out more about how to choose the right shop-bought compost.


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