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Whitefly are a common pest, but those that affect outdoor crops such as cabbages, rhododendrons and even viburnum are not the same species as those annoying clouds of insects that waft around the greenhouse.

Both are called whiteflies, but they are specific to their host plants and different modes of control.


Adult flies will lay eggs on plants, which hatch and then the young start sucking the sap out of the plant causing stunted growth and if left, destruction.

Greenhouse whiteflies are notoriously difficult to kill, as they have become resistant to certain chemicals.


In the garden

  • Keep plants in good health
  • Avoid overfeeding with high nitrogen fertilisers that encourage soft, sappy growth
  • Cover young cabbage plants with horticultural fleece to keep flying insects at bay

In the greenhouse

  • Hang yellow sticky traps to catch passing bugs
  • Grow marigold plants in close proximity to your tomatoes and cucumbers to deter whitefly


Use Resolva Bug Killer to treat all signs of whitefly before the population gets a hold. Heavy infestations can also be treated with this product which can be used on edibles, roses and flowers in gardens and greenhouses.

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely.

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