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August Garden Birds

Garden Birds You May See in August


August is well known as a quiet month for garden birds. Many birds are done with breeding for the year and the abundance of wild food in the form of seeds, fruits, and insects means our garden feeders are in less demand. Common birds, such as Robin and Blackbirds, will also begin to moult at this time of year. Moulting allows birds to get rid of the worn feathers from a busy breeding season and prepare for migration and the cooler months ahead. Like us, they prefer to change their outfits in a private and safe space, so they slink about in the undergrowth as their ability to fly is reduced.



Water is likely the most important resource we can provide at this time of year, especially if we have had dry weather. Any shallow tray of water will be popular with birds and small mammals. Plus, they will use it for both bathing and drinking.

Bird Bath Top Tips:

  • Change the water regularly. It will get dirty when used by many birds so try to keep it as clean for them as possible.
  • Choose a good location for your bird bath. You should position them away from vegetation and other areas that cats could be hiding in. Birds are vulnerable when they bathe as they’re fully occupied with the job in-hand and their vision may be impaired when splashing around.
  • Make sure any standing bodies of water have ways for birds to climb out.


For more advice on leaving water out for birds, this article is full of useful information.

bird in water bath
Bird Bath


While quiet for birds, this can be a good time of year to enjoy other animals. Flowering plants will still be attracting butterflies. This is the best time of year to watch our most striking species such as Peacock, Red Admiral, and the migratory Painted Lady. You may also see the next generation of queen bumblebees on the wing. They will be looking for places to spend the winter and stocking up on food!

bumblebee on lavender
Bumblebee on Lavender


Our Favourite Bird Baths

Our Gardman Aura Bird Bath is the perfect bird bath to add a stylish bird care product to your garden. Designed with the contemporary garden style in mind, its a perfect centerpiece for your garden. The beautiful polished bath is also designed to attract the attention of small and brightly coloured birds to your garden.

Gardman Aura Bird Bath
Aura Bird Bath


For a more natural look, our Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is a great option. With a sturdy wide base and durable metal, this bird bath will make a beautiful addition to your garden for years to come. Vine detailing adds a decorative touch, helping it blend in with your garden furniture!

secret garden bird bath
Secret Garden Bird Bath


If you would like to learn more about understanding birds, in particular about changing bird populations visit the charity –  British Trust for Ornithology (BTO)

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