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importance of feeding your plants

The Importance of Feeding Your Plants

Feeding your plants, fruit and vegetables is key to getting the most out of them, improving growth and boosting flowering. Plants need nutrients just as much as we do. Read on to learn why feeding is so important...

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choosing the right plant food article image

Choosing the right plant food for beautiful summer displays

Feeding plants throughout the growing season holds the key to bumper displays of flowers and abundant harvests of fruit and vegetables. By stocking up on plant food now, you’ll have all the ingredients to hand for a garden to be proud of this summer.

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slugs in wet weather

Protect your plants from slugs

Slugs are a common garden pest that can cause major problems for gardeners, especially during wet weather. These slimy creatures thrive in moist environments and can quickly multiply, resulting in significant damage to plants and crops. Find out how to protect your plants and crops from slugs and snails.

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seeds to sow

Seeds to sow in May

May is the month when the warmer, sunnier days arrive. Are you worried that you may have missed the boat for planting your favourite varieties? Well, fear not as there are still lots of seeds to sow in May.

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may garden birds

May Garden Birds

May is the peak of the nesting season for many of our garden birds. Be sure to take it easy on the mowing and trimming back at this time of year. Most birds feed their young insects, and wild parts of our gardens will provide the richest pickings.

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