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march birds article

March Garden Birds

Seeds can be scarce in the countryside at this time of year, so now is a good time to attract finches, buntings and other seed-eating birds into your garden. Find out what birds you can attract into your garden this month.

March Garden Birds
how to sow sweet peas

Seeds to sow in March

If you’re going to sow anything this month the three things we wouldn’t hesitate to make a start on are our three S’s - Sweet Peas, Sunflowers & Salads!

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how to repot house plants article image

How to repot houseplants

While houseplants are low-maintenance (don’t forget to water!) they occasionally need to be re-potted. You should repot houseplants into fresh, peat-free compost every two to three years. Find out how.

How to Repot Houseplants?
enrich your soil chicken manure

Enirch your soil ready for spring

It really pays to have a season-by-season approach to feeding. In early spring, add a base fertiliser when preparing your beds for planting. For organic gardeners, Chicken Manure Pellets are a great way to enrich and condition soils and feed plants. Find out more!

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how to home compost

How to home compost

Home composting is a vital part of a healthy, sustainable garden. It enables you to recycle large amounts of waste that would otherwise end up as in your regular/brown bin that then end up as landfill. Find out how to home compost now

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