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January garden birds article

January Garden Birds

As we start to see slightly longer days, we will begin to hear the first smatterings of songs for spring. Find out what birds you should look out for this winter.

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how to home compost

How to home compost

Home composting is a vital part of a healthy, sustainable garden. It enables you to recycle large amounts of waste that would otherwise end up as in your regular/brown bin that then end up as landfill. Find out how to home compost now

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eco friendly gardening tips article

Top Tips for eco-friendly gardening

If being a greener gardener is on your New Year’s resolutions list, we’re here to help! Gardening should be an eco-friendly hobby, but there are easy ways to make growing flowers, fruit and vegetables even more sustainable.

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winter flowering shrubs

Planting Winter Shrubs

Winter gardens are more popular than ever, and planting shrubs can add a splash of colour to brighten up the darker months Read our advice on planting shrubs this winter.

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