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how to water and feed houseplants

Keep Houseplants Hydrated during the summer

Houseplants have many benefits but its important to know how to water and feed them so they live a long and happy life in your home. Not only do they look stylish and attractive, they also are great for purifying the air in the home as well as having a positive effect on mental well being.

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seeds to sow in june

Seeds to sow in September

September is the start of autumn sowing season! It's a great time to get ahead of the game for next year by sowing certain seeds early to give them a head start before the frosts come.

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september garden birds

September Garden Birds

September can be a quiet month for garden birds. The breeding season is over for most species, some birds are moulting and there is still an abundance of wild food for birds to use. With so many nuts, seeds and fruits in wild areas, some birds may prefer to stay away from our gardens. However, there are plenty of species to keep an eye out for.

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