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top tomato recipes

Top 5 Tomato Recipes

Our top tomato recipes will give you some inspiration for using up those juicy toms. You’ve done the hard work: growing, harvesting and storing your tomatoes. Now it’s time to enjoy them! Read our article to get our top tomato recipes for you to enjoy!

Top Tomato Recipes
compost for pots

Compost for Pots & Containers

Plants grown in pots and containers are almost totally dependent on compost for their nutrition. They can also dry out very quickly. That’s why choosing the right plant compost for their needs is absolutely essential to get great results.

Compost for Pots and Containers
top tomato seeds to grow article

Harvesting and storing tomatoes

Harvesting and storing tomatoes is a key part of the growing process. You’ve been looking forward to this moment for months, so it’s important you pick them at the right time and know how to store them properly.

Harvesting and storing tomatoes
july garden birds

July Garden Birds

As we get into summer, our gardens can go quiet for birds but there are still plenty of garden birds around in July to keep you interested. Read on for help identifying the visitors to your garden and learn more about what they're doing this month.

July Garden Birds

Create beautiful beds & borders

Borders are a fantastic way to transform your garden from being dull and dreary to being full of life and flourishing. Everyone wants to be able to create beautiful garden borders that flower for a very long time. Here are some top tips on making your borders look stunning in the garden this year.

Create Beautiful Garden Borders