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Lauren’s Grape is an easy-to-grow, large single flowered poppy. In a stunning shade of deep violet, they’ll flower from June through to August. Great for adding a dramatic impact to beds and borders.

  • Silvery-blue foliage
  • Attractive seed heads
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Sowing Time

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Flowering Time

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec


Plant Height

90cm (36in)

Sowing Outdoors

Rake soil to provide a firm, even surface. Sow seeds thinly in pre-watered soil, lightly covering them with a little more soil. Sowings made in semi-circular lines create a natural ‘drift’ effect. Keep moist until seedlings appear and as required in dry spells.



When large enough to handle, thin seedlings to allow their development and to prevent overcrowding.

Growing Tips

Late summer and autumn-sown seedlings may benefit from a cloche or fleece protection when hard frosts threaten. Such plants generally bloom earlier the following summer then spring-sown plants. Poppy seed harvested from the plants can be used to sprinkle over home-baked loaves of bread.


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