Alyssum: How to grow

Alyssum: How to grow

Alyssum is a hardy annual smothered in tiny blooms, much loved by insects.

Use as a bedding plant and for seasonal colour in pots and hanging baskets.

For white flowers go for ‘Carpet of Snow’, alternatively try ‘Oriental Night’ with dramatic, violet-purple flowers.

Although it is a hardy annual, due to the small size of the seeds best results are obtained by sowing indoors between February and April.

Sow into trays of Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost and keep at around 10-15C (50-60F).

Pot on small plants once established and gradually acclimatise to outside condition over 2-3 weeks.

Plant out from late April onwards and feed throughout the summer months with Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant Food for long lasting flowers. 

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