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Gro-Sure Visiroot Cell Trays are not only sustainable but also give increased performance. The performance comes from the transparent rPET material, making roots visible to the eye. This enables gardeners to easily check root growth and moisture levels without disturbing the plant. The UV filtering green tint trays also ensure that the roots of the germinating plants will not damage from direct sunlight.

Additionally, Gro-Sure Visiroot Cell Trays have integrated moisture bridge technology to ensure even water and nutrient transfer across the cells.

The Visiroot range is recyclable in all homes through kerbside collections. It is also strong and easy to handle, ensuring success year after year.

  • Moisture bridge cells for even watering
  • Easy to check root growth
  • Durable for use year after year
  • Made from rPET – easy to recycle at home
  • Ideal for the distribution of seeds and cuttings
  • Available as 9 Cell, 12 Cell and 20 Cell Trays
  • View our complete Gro-Sure Propagation range

Sizes available

  • 9 Cell Tray - H 6.5cm x W 23cm x D 17.5cm
  • 12 Cell Tray - H 6.5cm x W 23cm x D 17.5cm
  • 20 Cell Tray - H 6.5cm x W 23cm x D 17.5cm

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