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capability hand trowel

The Capability Trowel

Introducing the only trowel you will ever need. Providing a solution for every garden task with its many features; a serrated edge, robust hammer, planting depth scale as well as a hanging loop. It is made from a FSC® certified ash wood handle and a high quality stainless steel head.

The Capability Trowel is a modern touch to Kent & Stowe’s traditional trowel. The perfect tool for potting and planting up, weeding as well as turning over soil. Therefore, an essential for every gardeners tool collection.

With consumer research K&S found that 95% of gardeners own a trowel. 65% of people use their trowel every time they garden and 100% of gardeners said it was the essential garden tool for them. Therefore concluding that gardeners use their trowels for many different tasks.

The research resulted in the expert design of the Capability Trowel with each individual feature providing a necessary use. This versatile trowel comes with a 20 year guarantee and would make an excellent gift for any gardener.


Robust Hammer

The Capability Trowel, robust hammer

Although a hammer is not commonly linked with gardening, it is surprising how often they are required.

Whether you are hammering down posts and stakes to provide strength and support to plants or even using vine eyes to fix wire to walls around the garden, the trowel robust hammer feature is perfect to use. This efficient feature reduces the need of multiple tools.







Serrated Edge

The Capability Trowel in useThe serrated edge has been designed for practicality with various uses. The trowel’s serrated edge allows you to open up compost bags. As a result, there is no requirement for scissors. Is the capability trowel the only trowel you will need?

Not only this but the serrated edge is also useful for light weeding tasks. The sharpened edge can cut small weeds from the root often spotted whilst potting and planting in beds as well as borders.



Planting Depth Scale

It is important to plant bulbs at the right depth to ensure they grow. The correct depth is critical to guarantee maximum potential to seeds and bulbs.  The engraved planting depth gauge is very useful for all gardeners with accurate planting. Additionally, perfect to aid in transplanting and planting bulbs, bedding plants or also seed potatoes.







Hanging Loop

The hanging loop is not necessary the most exciting feature yet it is a great essential feature. Keep the trowel tidy in garden sheds and spaces by hanging it on hooks and shelves.






The Story behind the trowel

Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown is remembered as one of England’s greatest gardeners designing over 170 parks in his lifetime and his nickname was ‘Capability’ for telling his clients that their properties had the capability for improvement!

In 1741, Capability worked at Stowe gardens in Buckinghamshire, where he worked under William Kent, the founder of landscape gardens, to finally become the head gardener of Stowe gardens in 1742.

Kent & Stowe’s capability trowel has been designed in tribute to his beautiful designs and the belief that in gardening everything could be improved. This trowel has the functionality to endure many gardening tasks and has been expertly designed with the gardener in mind.


The Perfect Gift

The capability trowel makes the perfect gift partnering well with Kent & Stowe’s luxury leather water resistant gloves. Perfect for heavy-duty garden tasks, built to last made with high quality soft and supple leather.





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