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How to Grow Sprouting Seeds

There’s no need to stop harvesting home grown crops just because it’s winter.

You can actually sprout many edible seeds all year round and over the winter these tiny sprouts are a vital and tasty source of essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

Unwins Seeds sell a wide variety of specially prepared sprouting seeds for growing in this way. These seeds have not been treated with chemicals and so are safe to sprout and eat.

You don’t need much room to grow them. A windowsill will be fine.

Step 1

Get a dedicated sprouter, or a glass jar with piece of muslin on the top which can be held in place with an elastic band.

Lay paper towel at the bottom of the jar and moisten with water. Lay the seeds on top.

Put the top on the glass jar.

Step 2

Harvest seeds when they start to sprout and enjoy!

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