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Most birds are welcome visitors and we should actively welcome them into our gardens, as they are excellent at eating bugs that cause devastation to plants.

However, occasionally, birds can be destructive and we need to protect our plants.


Birds can destroy crops such as lettuce, peas, brassicas and beetroot.

They can also eat a newly sown lawn in minutes.


  • Use Gro-Sure lawn seed which is coated in a blue layer to make it undesirable to birds
  • Feed the birds in your garden with a plentiful supply of Peckish bird food to ensure they don’t need to go after the fruits of your labour!


Put a net over the area that you want to protect to prevent the birds from gaining access.

Nets can be draped temporarily over plants, but ideally if you are growing soft fruit such as raspberries, a permanent bird-proof cage may be the solution.

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