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How to Grow Foxgloves

Foxgloves are cottage garden favourites that are very easy to grow from seed.

Being hardy biennials they will flower the year after they are sown and bear tall spikes of flowers in shady, damp beds.

For an impressive colour mix, try ‘Nature’s Haven Foxglove Woodlanders’ which will attract bees and other beneficial insects to the garden.

When to Sow

Sow seeds between May and July

How to Sow

Seeds can be sown directly but for best results sow undercover in pots or trays of Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost.

Once seedlings are established gradually acclimatise to outside conditions for several weeks before planting out in autumn.

Flowering Time

Plants will flower May to July the year after sowing and will self-seed easily. Seedlings can then be transplanted around the garden.

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