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Pansies: How to Grow

Grown as hardy biennials, Pansies are beautiful little additions to containers, hanging baskets and borders and with a little care and careful selection it is possible to have pansies in flower all year round.

For a mass of fabulous colour try Pansies ‘Bright and Beautiful’ or our ‘Swiss Giant Mix’ .

When to Sow

Sow seeds undercover between February and August

How to Sow

Sow in trays of Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost.

Try to ensure an even temperature of 10-15c (50-60f), as higher temperatures can inhibit germination. Pot on small plants once established and gradually acclimatise to outside conditions over 2-3 weeks.

Flowering Times

Flowering times will depend upon when sowings are made. To prolong flowering remove deadheads and feed regularly with a liquid plant food such as Gro-Sure All Purpose Plant Food.

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