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How to Move Plants

When something is growing in the wrong place it can be moved out of season to a new, more suitable spot in the garden.

Choose a clear, dry day. The plant should out of the ground for as little time as possible, so decide where it needs to be re-planted before you begin!

Step 1

Dig the hole at the new site before you dig up your plant.

Dig a generous, deep hole and lay down some tarpaulin ready for the root ball.

Improve the soil in the planting hole with Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure or Westland Soil Conditioner to feed the roots of the plant.

Step 2

Start to lift your plant. Insert a sharp spade around the edge of the root ball. The root ball of most plants is generally a similar width to the top growth.

Push the spade under the plant to lift the root ball with as much soil as possible. Try to keep the root ball intact.

Lift the plant with the root ball and soil onto a tarpaulin and wrap to move it to the new site for planting.

Step 3

Position the root ball into the prepared planting hole and fill in around the roots with the improved soil.

Firm in your plant and fill the hole to the same level as the surrounding soil.

Water in gently and allow your plant to adjust to its new site.

Mulch generously with Westland Bed & Border Chipped Bark.

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