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Bird food: Shop bought vs scraps

Bird food: Shop bought vs scraps

Feeding birds with kitchen scraps may be done with good intentions, however, it could actually harm our feathered friends.

Birds have tiny bodies and extremely fast metabolisms, so they need a lot of energy just to survive. Scraps are unlikely to contain much of the protein and fat that wild birds need just to survive, particularly during the cold winter months when birds can lose a significant amount of their body weight in just one day!

Scraps such as bread, cake, potatoes contain very little fat or protein and act as a filler, bloating the bird's stomach so that it can't eat anything else, but providing very little much-needed calories. Bacon, crisps and chips can actually poison birds if they contain large amounts of salt. Also, meat in general can attract large predators such as birds of prey, seagulls, cats and even foxes.

Instead, it's best to feed birds with a dedicated wild bird mix which is calorie-rich and will provide a much-needed energy resource. Our Peckish Complete Easy Feeder is an excellent choice for a beginner to feeding the birds, plus there's even a Peckish Winter Warmer Easy Feeder version which can be used during the cold winter months.

For further advice on feeding during the cold weather, read our winter guide.

The Complete Easy Feeder comes pre-filled and can used again and again.

The Winter Warmer Easy Feeder also comes pre-filled and can be used again and is calorie-rich ideal for the cold winter months.
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