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6 reasons why you should sow tomatoes this weekend

March 9, 2016
Our brand new Gro-Sure Sow Smart kits will help gardening newbies grow juicy red tomatoes from seed….no green fingers needed!
Tempted? Just in case you need more convincing, here’s 6 reasons why you should use this kit to grow tomatoes from seed:

1. Tomatoes are the nation’s favourite grow your own crop 


2. Sowing from seed is an essential life-skill and should be on everyone’s bucket list

3. There’s nothing like biting into a juicy red tomato!

4. You’ll grow your own tomato plant in only 4 weeks….but it will take a little longer for it to produce tomatoes

5. Our Gro-Sure Sow Smart kit is only £4.99, therefore an inexpensive way of eating fresh, organic vine tomatoes over the summer months

6. There’s a great online resource, which will help you with each step

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