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Christmas Traditions

As Christmas approaches, it’s essential that everyone celebrates in their own festive and unique way.

While the rest of the nation is rushing around splashing as much cash as possible during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Rainbow Thursday (ok, made that last one up!), gardeners generally don’t really appreciate or understand the whole commercial aspect of Christmas.

Instead, Christmas is fairly simple. It’s embracing the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation and eating, drinking and creating new memories with family and friends.

Here’s a list of 9 things that epitomise Christmas to a typical gardener:

  1. The obligatory gardening themed Christmas gift.
  2. Saving the peelings from sprouts, parsnips and other Christmas dinner essential veg for your compost heap.
  3. Sowing your first batch of onions on Boxing Day. Legend has it this is the secret to a prize-winning crop!
  4. Endless conversations about the best way to keep a Poinsetta/Amaryllis alive over the festive season.
  5. Collecting and recycling all the wrapping paper, or better still, wrapping your gifts in simple brown paper and string that can be re-used around the garden.
  6. Gathering holly, ivy and other sprigs from around the garden to create a homemade Christmas wreath.
  7. Simmering pine needles, cinnamon and cloves in a simmer pot to keep the house smelling festive!
  8. Dragging the Christmas tree through the house and hoovering up pine needles for days, as there’s no way you’d have an artificial tree!
  9. Eating your own home-grown sprouts, potatoes, parsnips on Christmas Day surrounded by family and friends.

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