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Easy colour for your garden!

No colour in your garden? Don’t despair…there’s still an easy way to get bright, blooming beds, borders and containers.

If you’re looking for summer-long colour for little effort and little investment, look no further than Gro-Sure Easy Flowers.
This all in one seed mix contains a good variety of flowering annuals, plus the perfect mix of granular compost and natural feed to provide months of colour through summer.
If you lack the time for other seed raising methods or the know-how to design a stunning flower display, simply scatter the Easy Flowers mix across prepared soil, for a quick start to success. Choose either the cool pastel mix or bright colour mix.
Remove weeds from the sowing area, loosen soil with a garden fork, and rake the surface level. Then scatter the seed evenly across the site, rake to bed-in and water in. A 1.5kg pack will cover 6 square metres, but the mix is also perfect for use in containers.
Depending on weather conditions, seedlings will start to show in as little as two weeks. As they develop, if looking crowded, some can be lifted from the soil and replanted elsewhere.
Keep the plants well watered in dry spells and protect from slugs with an application of Growing Success Advanced Slug Killer.
Watch out for the first annual weed seedlings to appear, indicating soils are warm enough for quick germination of your flower seed.
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