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The Plot (or rather, the lawn) Thickens!

Traditionally, our Dads and Granddads will have had lawns with the up-and-down, light-and-dark stripes achieved by running a cylinder mower back and forth. They would strive for straight lines of even light-and-shade, and of equal width. Many a chap would be obsessed by his lawn.

There is less of this going on today, mainly because cylinder mowers have been replaced by rotary mowers with helicopter blade-like cutters – it’s impossible to a leave neat line with these. But we still do love a nice lawn.

To have the best looking lawn on your street, it will need to be green (not yellow), all-over (not patchy), weed-free and, above all, thick.

If you look closely at any lawn, you’ll see the individual blades of grass, which meet at the bottom – the base of the grass plant itself. A ‘thin’ lawn is when there is a big distance between the grass plants. A good, ‘thick’ lawn is when there is barely any distance between the grass plants. Think of a bowling green – you can’t put a pin between the grass plant here. It is the thickness of a lawn that can make all the different to the overall look, the colour and the effect it has on the neighbourhood!

So, how do you thicken up your lawn? Simple! Aftercut Lawn Thickener, available from a good garden centre shelf near you, will transform your lawn. It’s a high-nitrogen lawn feed with added grass seed, so the existing lawn is fed, whilst new grasses grow to thicken it up. A 2.8kg container will cover 80 sq m of lawn – and it really does make a difference. At this time of year you’ll usually see a significant difference in just three days.

You can buy boxes of the Lawn Thickener, but to start with I would suggest you buy the Even-Flo container with its silver-coloured swivel-head which allows you to hold the container properly while you walk up and down the lawn, and allows you to spread the mixture evenly.

Do water the lawn well after applying Aftercut Lawn Thickener. This helps to break down the fertiliser granules, and settles the seed on to the soil surface, allowing it to germinate.

Final tip: If you feel that your lawn is thick enough but it’s a bit weedy, or a bit mossy, or a bit yellow-y, then the best product you should go for is Aftercut All-in-One. It conditions and nourishes the lawn, as well as killing most broad-leaved weeds (such as daisies, dandelions and plantains) and moss. Within a week you’ll have a much greener lawn.

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