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What is Weed Stop?

Weed Stop is a 100% natural and decorative ground cover that prevents weeds for up to 6 months on soil-borne weeds. It can be used in beds, borders, planters, containers and pots. Produced from a blend of wood fibre and bark fines, it offers a close aesthetic likeness to bark with 33% better coverage. Also, it blocks light, helping to prevent weed seed germination.


How does Weed Stop work?

weed stop lifestyle

The fibres lock together to form a physical barrier against weeds. This barrier then blocks out light to stop any remaining weed seeds from germinating. Finally, the barrier helps to retain moisture in the soil by reducing evaporation.


What are the benefits of Weed Stop?

Weed stop benefits

Weed Stop has a number of benefits for your garden. Aside from giving a neat appearance to your garden in general and preventing weeds, there’s a range of other plus-points. By helping the soil to retain moisture, less water is needed. It’s also handy year-round: it warms the soil in Spring and protects it from extreme cold in Winter.

How to use this product

Preparing the area

Clear away any weeds in the application area completely before using this prduct; it’s important that you remove the roots of any perennial weeds too. Water plants and soil before applying to ensure the soil is moist.


We recommend wearing gloves when handling. Spread a layer of Westland Weed Stop 3cm deep over the soil surface, ensuring that the soil is evenly and completely covered. When spreading, break up any clumps and fluff up the mulch to incorporate air. After spreading, water over the surface of the mulch – this will lock the fibres together. Use in a well-ventilated place and avoid breathing in dust.


If any weeds do appear, remove them as soon as possible to prevent them from spreading. This product will stay effective as long as it remains in place but may need occasional replenishment to maintain a thick layer on top of the soil surface.


A 90 litre bag can cover up to 2.4sqm at a depth of 3cm.

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