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Cucumbers: How to grow

Cucumbers: How to grow

Cucumbers are considered by many to be an essential addition to a summer salad, so why not try growing your own?

If you want to grow them out in the garden, look out for the variety Burpless Tasty Green.

For a greenhouse variety, try Mini Munch F1 hybrid, which can be picked small or left to mature.

Step 1

Seeds can be sown into pots filled with Gro-Sure Seed & Cutting Compost in the greenhouse from February to May and need to be kept in the warmth, between 20-25C (70-75F)to allow for germination.

Step 2

Cucumbers: How to grow - Step 2

Once established, seedlings can be planted in a Gro-Sure Fruit and Vegetable Planter.

Check your seed packet instructions to see if you need to remove seedlings that have produced male flowers (those without a swelling behind them).

You can then make the decision to continue growing in the greenhouse, or to move the planter outside.

If you choose to move the planter outside, harden the plants off by taking the planter outside periodically when the weather is fine, and then replacing to the greenhouse overnight. Do this for several weeks to help the delicate plants to get used to the outside temperatures, once all danger of frost has passed.

Step 3

Cucumbers: How to grow - Step 3

All cucumbers need to be regularly fed with a liquid feed such as Gro-Sure Tomato Plant Food.

It is also important to keep plants well watered, particularly during dry periods. Cucumbers are mostly water, so if they dry out, they won’t be very tasty.

Harvest your cucumbers from July to September and eat immediately.

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