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#GardenSecrets winner welcomes Charlie Dimmock to her home

Our #GardenSecrets winner Jacqui Nolan welcomed celebrity gardener Charlie Dimmock to her home during a hot weekend at the end of June.

The Somerset winner won a garden consultation and £250 of gardening vouchers, which were put to good use in her small, but perfectly formed hard landscaped front garden.

Charlie made a variety of suggestions on how to bring more colour and softness to the area and had great fun trying out Jacqui’s winning gardening tip – using a skateboard to move potted plants!

The pair then made a trip to Whitehall Garden Centre in Bristol to purchase compost, pots, fuchsia, lavender, roses, chrysanthemums and a whole host of other potted plants to spruce up the area and create a floral scented paradise for Jacqui to relax in on a summer’s evening!

Jacqui said: “I had a wonderful, fab and brilliant day. Having Charlie standing in front of me sharing her advice made it so much easiest to visualise what I needed to. It was a dream come true!”

Of course, they also purchased a bag of Gro-Sure® Planting Magic, a planting mix designed to boost plant vitality, giving everyone the results of a professional gardener.

The #GardenSecrets competition encouraged gardeners to share their top hints, tips and secrets with their peers via an integrated TV, press and digital campaign and was held earlier this year.

Charlie said: “I was delighted to meet Jacqui and to take part in the #GardenSecrets campaign, which offered gardeners of all ages and abilities the chance to share their own growing secrets and also pick up some new ones along the way!”


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