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Glow in the dark cut flower bouquets for Halloween!

A HALLOWEEN themed cut flower bouquet, with glow in the dark Chrysanthemums is now available from Unwins.

Add a unique touch to your Halloween decorations by ordering the Spooky Glow in the Dark Flower Bouquet. Delivered just before the day itself, these autumnal flowers look simply beautiful placed in a vase on a windowsill or mantelpiece. However….turn the lights down the low and the Chrysanthemums will start to glow, giving your room a really spooky atmosphere!

Each hand arranged bouquet includes x3 Rose Orange, x2 Oakleaf (painted black), x3 standard Carnatioin Ganache, x3 Germini Wakita, x3 Alstroemeria Purple, x2 Birch (painted black), x3 Chrysanthemum Bloom (Glow in the Dark).

Also included is a FREE packet of Unwins Pumpkin Dill’s Atlantic Giant seeds so you can grow your own pumpkin for carving the following year, plus a free flower food sachet.

Priced at £25, including free delivery, this is a great gift for a friend, or Halloween party decoration.

Leanne Swift, Brand Manager for Unwins said: “This is our first Halloween themed bouquet and it’s a real stunner! The Chrysanthemums are sprayed with a special glow in the dark solution so when the lights are switched off, they look like spiders crawling out of a vase to scare you!”

See the Unwins website for further information.

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