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Gro-Sure® Easy Containers Compost on TV

Gro-Sure® Easy Containers Compost will appear on TV screens this spring as part of a brand campaign to show gardeners how to get great results.

It’s a revolutionary compost that’s guaranteed to give all gardeners success when growing in pots and containers. Featuring water-storing granules and 6 months feed, it’s an all in one product designed to keep blooms flourishing for longer this spring and summer.

The TV advert will feature a woman desperately trying to keep the containers and hanging baskets on her balcony alive. Lifeless and lacklustre the plants appear to be toying with her, highlighting her lack of gardening knowledge. After using Gro-Sure® Easy Containers Compost both the woman and her containers are blooming, standing proudly for all to see!

The 5 key ingredients that make Gro-Sure® Easy Containers Compost work so well are:

  1. Water storing clay granules – Unique to Westland. These patented granules feature water storing pockets which hold onto the water and release it when the plant needs it most
  2. 6 months’ feed – Promotes flowering for the whole growing season
  3. West+ wood fibre – Enhanced for root growth
  4. Irish peat – High performing growing medium, popular choice with all gardeners
  5. Seaweed – Increases plant vitality and overall health

Jen Richardson, Senior Marketing Manager said: “Pots and containers can be hard work, even experienced gardeners can find it tough to achieve really great results. With no ground soil to draw from, plants are reliant on what goes in the pot in terms of water and nutrients.

“Gro-Sure Easy Containers Compost helps all gardeners achieve success by giving including everything they need for their flowers to bloom for the entire season in one bag, even in dry weather. It also contains water storing clay granules which grab hold of moisture and keep it stored until the plant needs it most.

“It will be part of our ongoing ‘Be Sure With Gro-Sure®’ TV campaign designed to show gardeners of all levels and abilities how they can get great results using products from the Gro-Sure® brand.”

Watch the TV advert.

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