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Marshalls launch 2017 catalogue

The NEW Marshalls catalogue is landing on doorsteps, packed with a wide range of fruits, vegetables and growing accessories.

With daylight hours still at a minimum, the New Year is a great opportunity for take stock of your kitchen garden, vegetable plot or allotment and start planning for the spring and summer ahead. Here are some of our top picks:


  • Purple Sweet Potato Molokai (Exclusive) – Be the first to grow this unusual and nutritionally superior variety in the UK! A sweet potato benefiting from much higher antioxidant levels, its deep purple colour is striking and adds great colour to meals.
  • Potato Pink Gypsy (New)– Be the envy of the show bench with these strikingly attractive potatoes with pretty white and pink skins and a fluffy texture when cooked. . An early main crop with great disease resistance and an excellent flavour.


  • Marshmelts (Exclusive) – This is the chosen name for the EM1592, the new and exclusive Strawberry variety we asked YOU to name in our autumn catalogue. This very sweet and high yielding fruit has a traditional strawberry flavour and really ‘melts in the mouth’.
  • Strawberry Sweet Colossus – Lives up to its name, producing gigantic berries that can weigh up to 43g (1 ¼ oz) each with no compromise to flavour. Fast growing and easy to maintain these fruit from May throughout the whole summer.

Peas & Beans

  • Pea Snow Wind (Mangetout) – String-less Mangetout pods grown on semi-leafless mildew resistant plants. Even the old pods are not too chewy.
  • French Bean Climbing Monte Gusto – A climbing French Bean with bright yellow thin and fine pods up to 25cm in length. Prolific cropping with bunches of beans spread through the length of the plant. Resistant to Common Mosaic virus.
  • Runner Bean Jackpot Mixed – New breeding and from the same stable as Moonlight, Firestorm and Stardust. A French Bean cross giving self-fertile beans with perfectly formed and delicious Runner Beans in abundance. Perfect for containers and baskets.
  • French Bean Satelit Dwarf (Exclusive) – Great tasting string-less filet bean. Nice straight beans that will keep cropping until the first frost with no loss of flavour. White seeded and resistant to Common Mosaic virum and Anthracnose.

Brussels Sprouts

  • Brussels Sprout Bright -Uniform smooth round sprouts, holding from October to end of November. Disease resistant with tall growth and a perfect set of leaves which can be eaten as sprout tops.
  • Brussels Sprout Brodie– Christmas variety which matures in 215 days from transplanting. Exceptionally mild non-bitter taste. Sold in supermarkets as children-friendly sprouts!


  • Quinoa Rainbow Blend -A super food that’s extremely easy to grow. All you need is a sunny open spot! Gluten free, high in protein and one of the few plants to contain all 9 essential amino acids, fibre, copper, magnesium, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, folate and vitamins B and E.
  • Pumpkin Kakai -Grow your own pumpkins seeds to eat. This hull-less variety creates soft skinned, great tasting seeds, just like those in health food shops! Packed with nutrients, gather over a mugful of seeds from each pumpkin.
  • Edamame Bean Summer Shell Soya Bean (Exclusive) – Originating in Southeast Asia, these beans are an excellent source of protein and can be harvested and dried or steamed whole, then shelled for the tender green bean inside. A modern variety which has been bred to withstand cooler conditions, but don’t plant out too early!

Onions, Peppers, Courgettes

  • Onion Isobel Rose (Exclusive)-Produces uniform bulbs with a pink tinged brown skin and with pretty pink and white internal rings. Slightly milder than red onion and with less pungency, so a good addition for slicing into salads, giving all the flavour, but with less onion breath!
  • Pepper Firebell (Exclusive) -Small bell, sweet peppers with a nice delicate chilli heat. Give your salads, stuffed peppers and casseroles a warm heat without blowing your head off.
  • Courgette Goldmine -Stripy yellow courgette that sets without insect pollination, so perfect for British weather! Produces bumper crops of golden yellow fruits with white stripes. Bred in the UK.

Tomato Gardening Delight F1 (Cordon)

An improved variety of this popular favourite. Modern breeding has brought back the tangy flavour of old, long trusses laden with cocktail sized fruit. Plus its more disease resistant more reliable cropping.

Blackberry Cascade

Now even the smallest garden can enjoy freshly picked blackberries! Black Cascade is a thornless variety that’s ideally suited to growing in a hanging basket. Pick up to 1.3kg of fruit per plant.

Sweetcorn Honeydew Improved (Exclusive)

Our best-selling Honeydew Sweetcorn has just got better. This extra tender, super sweet cross has large cobs with an improved flavour and a delicious crunch. So tender you can eat them raw.

Cauliflower Tirza

The earliest of all Cauliflowers. Ideal for small spaces growing a small framework of nicely covered curds. Sow in October to harvest in March.

Calabrese Komodo (Exclusive)

The first clubroot resistant Calabrese, which forms dense deep green heads on a compact plant.

Visit the Marshalls Seeds website for further information.

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