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Marshalls launch Autumn 2016 catalogue!

The NEW Marshalls catalogue is landing on doorsteps, packed with a wide range of fruits, vegetables and growing accessories. 

Now Autumn is on its way, there’s plenty to do over the coming months to prepare for next year. Enjoy growing and harvesting family favourites as well as trying your hand at something different with our newly introduced varieties. 

Here are some of our top picks: 

Blackberry Cascade **New for 2016**

Now even the smallest garden can enjoy freshly picked blackberries! Black Cascade is a thornless variety that’s ideally suited to growing in a hanging basket. Pick up to 1.3kg of fruit per plant.

Chilli Pepper Aji Delight **New for 2016**

Here’s a chilli pepper that’s not hot at all, but full of flavour. Taste resembles Granny Smith apples. Produces a huge crop of fruity, crunchy chillies. A delight to the taste buds.

NEW Potato Varieties **New for 2016**

  • Pink Gypsy – An unusual potato with pretty white and pink skins and a fluffy texture when cooked. Shows strong disease resistance. Perfect for baking, roasting and mashing.
  • Highland Burgundy Red – Red-fleshed, heavy-yielding main-crop variety whose potatoes hold their colour well. Versatile crop makes excellent mash potato and chips.
  • Mayan Gold – Early main-crop variety, well sought after by top chefs and restaurants/. Makes excellent fluffy roast potatoes and has a distinctive satisfying nutty flavour.

Gooseberry Trees **New for 2016**

  • Invicta – Popular variety. Crops twice as heavily as others, producing large green berries. Excellent choice for cooking, freezing and jam, as the fruit holds its shape and colour.
  • Hinnonmaki Red – Delicious dessert and culinary gooseberry. Produces very large red fruit and shows good resistance to mildew. Shows excellent vigour and sets heavy crops.

Vegetable Seeds **New for 2016**

  • Pea Mangetout Golden Sweet– Colourful climbing variety with attractive purple flowers, yellow pods and yellow/red tinged leaf nodes.
  • Pumpkin Polar Bear – Ghost-white large pumpkins, perfect for Halloween! Excellent size, up to 20-25kg (44-55lb). **Exclusive to Marshalls**
  • Cucumber Lemon – Lemon-yellow, spherical cucumbers that are tender and sweet. These easy-grow curious yet attractive ‘rounds’ are excellent for salads and picking.
  • Onion Tosca – Large elongated onions. Extra easy to cut and prepare on account of their unusual yet handy torpedo shape. Add to homemade casseroles to enhance the sauce.
  • Radish Accord – Delicious melt in the mouth creamy flesh is a delight as an alternative to crisps with beer in Germany! **Exclusive to Marshalls**
  • Pea Half Pint – Excellent shelling pea plant reaching to a maximum of 30-37 (12-15in). Excellent cold resistance and great for high troughs or trugs. **Exclusive to Marshalls**
  • Courgette Shooting Star – Perfect for space-saving, a climbing yellow courgette for containers or small sunny borders. Needs a trellis and tying in, but little work.
  • Cabbage Sweetie Sweet Collard – Perfect for juicing and stir fries. Broad leaves contain very little fibre and thick stem produces lots of sweet juice. **Exclusive to Marshalls**
  • Carrot Cidera – Excellent for juicing, great way for those with busy lifestyle to get a boost of nutrients and vitamins. **Exclusive to Marshalls**

Shelter Logic Poly Tunnels **New for 2016**

Tested in our own garden. Made from high grade steel and a premium powder coat finish to resist chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. Poly outer is triple layered, heat bonded and rip stop treated. Fully waterproof and UV protected. Features steel stabilises to ensure its rock solid and EasyflowÔ side panels to provide airflow, ensuring the right temperature.

Spinach Harp **New and Exclusive to Marshalls**

Packed with iron and vitamin C, A, folate, magnesium and potassium, this upright spinach can be picked as a baby leaf, teen or bunching leaf. Perfect for salads and stir fries. Harvest regularly when leaves are young for a continuous supply, allowing some to mature fully.

Strawberry Sweet Colossus

Lives up to its name, producing gigantic berries that can weigh up to 43g (1 ¼ oz) each with no compromise to flavour. Fast growing and easy to maintain these fruit from May throughout the whole summer.

Strawberry EM 1592

This late-season strawberry is sweet and uniform in shape, making easy picking and the fruits melt in the mouth. With upright habit and dense foliage, fruit is shielded from rainfall, keeping it dry and rot-free. We’re currently inviting Marshalls customers to enter a competition to name this unique strawberry. Entries are open until October 31 by emailing <<INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS>>

Rest your spade against the shed, brew up a cup of tea and take a 30 minute breather to plan your most best-tasting plot for 2017!

See the Marshalls website for further information 

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