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New-look Birds & Bees Autumn/Winter catalogue

Now twice as big and twice as bold as before! Fully-illustrated A4 catalogue packed full of wildlife treats, facts and tips on how to save the nation’s vulnerable animals from chilly autumn days and the throes of winter.

While the UK tuned into this year’s BBC Autumnwatch last week to watch Chris Packham and team, the Birds & Bees team posted its Autumn/Winter catalogue to show how we can all enjoy UK wildlife wherever we live.

Birds & Bees is on a mission to increase the population of vulnerable animals and it needs everybody’s help. The catalogue aids as many people as possible to do their bit to help British wildlife survive the cold winter.

Our new-look catalogue highlights:

  • Feed a flock of birds all autumn and winter for less than 30p a day with 2+ of our 12.5kg bags of seeds, seed-mixes and nuts. Save £4+ on our multi-bag offer
  • FREE P&P for orders over £40
  • Beautifully illustrated with images of UK wildlife in full colour.
  • NEW cut-out and keep Autumn and Winter Wildlife Care Calendar.
  • Full range of energy-rich fat products
  • Funky and functional feeders for all birds
  • Life-saving shelter solutions for vulnerable garden birds and other wildlife
  • Gardening solutions to bring in flocks of beautiful birds, full of character

NEW to the Birds & Bees range in this catalogue:

Great-value Everyday Garden Bird Table and Supreme Garden Bird Table

  • Easy-to-fit together with pre-set screws and clear pictorial instructions
  • Complete with garden bird identification guide and feeding tips
  • Easy–clean surfaces and protective roofs

Garden Insect House and Woodland Insect Box

  • Shelter for flower-to-fruit-pollinating insects through winter
  • Hundreds of homes for insects all in one shelter
  • Beautiful designs made of timeless wood

Nature’s Feast small-pet food range

  • Provide for your pets for as little as 5p a day, based on 14g a day Hamster Food
  • Expert feeding guide on every pack
  • High quality, high-fibre food for a healthy diet

Visit the Birds & Bees website for more information

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