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New Peckish bird care products for Autumn 2015!

GET a Peckish performance from the birds in your garden this autumn, with our new range of bird food, feeders and wooden products.

Enriched with the unique Calvita vitamin and mineral blend, Peckish bird food is packed full of more nutrients and goodness to help make birds fitter, healthier and perform at their peak.

Spearheading the new range are Peckish Complete Energy Balls. These unique energy balls are packed full of suet and the 12 high quality ingredients from our Complete seed mix. Combined this delivers an all in one energy boosting food, leaving no mess. The new range also includes:

  • New and improved feed range, featuring brand new products including Peckish Complete Suet Bites and Peckish Daily Goodness Peanut Boost, an extra high protein kibbled peanut blend.
  • New feeder offering, including Peckish ready filled Easy Feeders, perfect for impulse seed sales.

The new look range will be supported by newspaper, specialist press and digital advertising. Plus consumers will get a chance to get in on the action with Go Wild with Peckish, an autumn half-term activity held at garden centres up and down the UK.

Wendy French, Senior Marketing Manager for Westland Horticulture, said: “Feed Peckish products to your garden birds and you’ll be treated to an amazing performance every single day.

“A gala in your garden of the fittest, finest birds swooping, looping, dancing and diving. Sit back and watch the show!”

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