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Peckish YouTube videos give birdcare advice

PECKISH recommend people who enjoy feeding birds should watch a new series of YouTube videos which promise to inspire and educate.

The three videos are just a few minutes long each, but provide viewers with essential bitesize advice on how best to feed the birds in their garden. They have been published by bird food manufacturer Peckish and star celebrity zoo and wildlife vet, Matt Brash.

  • Top tips for feeding wild birds
  • Why should we feed wild birds
  • Choosing and caring for your bird feeders and tables

Matt explains how vulnerable birds can be to seasonal food shortages and what we can do to protect them. The videos give quick easy tips, so viewers can be sure they are doing everything they can to help to bring more birds to their garden.

Wendy French, Senior Marketing Manager for Peckish said: “We created these short videos that are interesting and informative because we want garden enthusiasts to have all the information they need to get more healthy and happy birds in their garden.”

Discover the videos on the Peckish YouTube channel.

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