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Westland and The GCA’s Rising Stars 2019 Application Form

The candidate should:

  • In your opinion be a rising star or have the potential to be a rising star in your business
  • Hold a position up to junior management level
  • Be available to attend all 4 of the workshops throughout the year
  • Have access to financial data including sales and cost prices
  • Demonstrate a drive and commitment that they wish to be developed
  • Be able to develop a sales or marketing idea for growing an area of the business

What will happen:

  • Nominations will be put to a panel of judges who will decide on the finalists for 2019.
  • The 10 finalists will be invited to take part in a series of workshops held by Gordon Emslie on topics such as driving sales, financial awareness and presentation skills.
  • Finalists will be mentored by key people from the Westland marketing team
  • The finalists’ work will be assessed during the program with coaching from Gordon and Westland to help them maximise their opportunity
  • Finalists will then be invited to the annual GCA Conference in Jan 2020 where they will present the progress made on their sales idea to the conference. Coaching in presentation skills will be given in advance of the conference


What candidates will get from the program:

  •  Opportunity to learn effective retail skills from a GCA inspector
  •  Develop and learn management, reporting and presentation skills
  •  Be mentored by marketing category experts from the Westland team
  •  Receive an all-expenses paid trip to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show in 2020

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