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Save the Greenfinch!

LEADING birdcare brand, Peckish, is calling for householders to keep feeders and dining stations clean to help save greenfinch populations. 

In recent years, the rapid spread of Trichomonosis, a disease which has no known health threat to humans or mammals, has been responsible for the decline of numerous garden birds, but in particular the much-loved Greenfinch.

Lorron Bright, nutritional technologist for Peckish, said: “Trichomonas Gallinae, or Canker as it is more commonly known is deadly to birds. It is spread by birds feeding from feeders and bird tables. It causes disease at the back of the throat, which leads to birds starving to death as they are unable to feed.

“Greenfinch populations in particular have been affected badly. Since 2006, their numbers have dropped by more than 35 per cent, which is the largest scale mortality due to infectious disease since records began*.

“What is particularly distressing is that this disease is easily prevented. By cleaning and disinfecting feeders and dining stations regularly, householders can help manage the spread of this disease and protect the birds in their garden.”

For further information on cleaning bird feeders and dining stations visit our Peckish page.  

*Garden Wildlife Health, Trichomonosis in Garden Birds Fact Sheet

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