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Unwins launch seed range to appeal to food enthusiasts

Home chefs can take their dishes to the next level by growing their own ingredients, says leading seed retailer Unwins. 

The brand has launched its ‘Seasonal Seed’ range of seeds to help food enthusiasts reach new flavour heights in their home-cooked meals. The collection guides kitchen cooks on what to grow for a month-by-month plot to plate eating experience, resulting in great tasting, highly nutritious food. Here is a few of the varieties in the collection:

Tomato Cherry Baby 

Unwins exclusive! Fantastic cherry tomatoes, producing masses of fruits with the sweetest flavour we have ever tasted. 

MircoGreens Broccoli

This variety is full of nutrients with clean and fresh flavours. It is a great addition to sandwiches.

Pepper Tokyo Hot F1

This variety of pepper brings a sweet spicy flavour. It is perfect for curries and Mexican dishes.

Courgette shooting star F1

This type of courgette is an unusual climbing type. However, this makes it great for small gardens due to the plant growing up and not out. It has bright yellow fruits and makes a great addition to salads or stir fries.

Carrot Short N Sweet

These carrots have a rich sweet flavour and full of vitamins. They are a perfect variety for growing veg in containers or for poor soils.

Beetroot Alexis

These are a popular variety which grow in a long cylindrical shape which makes them ideal for slicing. They are also disease tolerant.

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