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Nurturing Nuggets

Nurturing Nuggets

Nurturing Nuggets

October 15, 2015

Recently I blogged about the importance of feeding garden birds at this time of year – to keep them healthy and well fed, but also to protect (as best you can) your prized autumn fruits and berries, which the birds would eat otherwise.
Well, this time I’ve discovered the joys of…nuggets! 
Whereas a daily diet for children of chicken nuggets is frowned upon, in the garden our visiting birds are getting the very best in nutrition from nuggets – Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets, that is. Yum!
Seriously, these nuggets contain a combination of high-energy ingredients, from beef suet, wheat and peanut flour, red and white millet seeds, linseed and black rape seed, to dried mealworms and Calvita®. All of these combine to provide birds with the energy and nutrition they need to stay healthy and active – particularly important now, as the days are getting colder, and natural food will become increasingly scarce.
Calvita® is a blend of nutrients that is unique to Peckish bird feed products. It is a natural enrichment developed to replace the nutrients that garden birds need to stay healthy. It contains carotenoids for protecting feather colour and damage from sunlight, calcium for promoting egg production as well as bone and feather growth, and vitamins A, D, E and Biotin for strengthening beaks and helping overall growth.
You can apply these nuggets – a few each day – to your preferred bird feeding ‘stations’ – whether these are bird tables, special hanging feeders, or even the ground. This will effectively attract a variety of bird species – amongst which should be robins, blackbirds, blue tits, coal tits, great tits, bullfinches, chaffinches and (my favourites) goldfinches. All of these birds, and more, will love the offerings incorporated into the Daily Goodness nuggets.
Peckish Daily Goodness Nuggets are available in 1kg re-sealable bags, or 2.75kg tubs.

Final tip

In addition to feeding garden birds, you should always make sure there is plenty of fresh clean water available for them to drink and to bathe in. This becomes even more crucial on winter days when water freezes. Also, I tend to clean outdoor feeding areas, and bird baths, once a month throughout the year (using a mild detergent, followed by a good rinsing with clean water). This reduces the risk of the birds getting bacterial infections or diseases.
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