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The UK's number 1 lawn seed!

The UK's number 1 lawn seed!

The UK's number 1 lawn seed!
Lawn lovers using Gro-Sure Smart Seed, the UK’s number 1 lawn seed*, can’t stop about their results!
Uniquely featuring an aqua-gel layer, Gro-Sure Smart Seed is designed to hold 400 times its own weight in water, providing an insurance policy against tough conditions and under-watering. Plus, its advanced coating technology increases germination success and acts as a bird deterrent.
A built-in seed applicator helps consumers spread the product evenly and QR codes on pack leads them to education videos with advice on how to create and maintain the perfect lawn. But don’t just take our word for it…..
Julia McGowen was having serious problems with her lawn after spending £160 on re-turfing, only for it to die shortly after. In desperation she went to her local garden centre and picked up 3 boxes of Gro-Sure Smart Seed. Just eight weeks later she had a lawn again!
She said: “I would and have recommended this to everyone! My next door neighbour is now using it and I’ve just bought my friend 2 boxes after building work ruined her lawn.”
Holly Watts from Bicester said: “I am so pleased with the results after using Gro-Sure Smart Seed. I will definitely be purchasing some more for my back garden, it’s so much greener and there is a lot more grass. Makes gardening seem a lot more worthwhile, thanks again for a brilliant product!”
 *GfK Hitlist April 2015
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