Irish Moss Peat

Irish Moss Peat

Westland Irish Moss Peat is a high quality sphagnum moss peat, specifically formulated to nourish the soil, stimulate root systems and provide humus to further activate soil bacteria. 

Peat has many uses around the garden including soil conditioning, planting, lawns and mulching.  

  • Top quality Irish Moss Peat
  • Medium grade
  • Great for specialist and traditional gardeners
  • Size 100L


Soil Conditioning

Moisten the Irish Moss Peat and spread a layer 2-4cm deep over the soil surface and dig in well. When dug into soil, Irish Moss Peat will create a much more open structure, breaking down clay soil, improving drainage and air movement in the soil. When dug into sandy soil, Irish Moss Peat will improve the soil structure, facilitating moisture retention during hot weather.

Planting trees, shrubs & roses

Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball of your plant and deep enough that the root ball is just below soil level. Water the plant and allow to drain. Line the hole with Irish Moss Peat. Place the plant in the hole and backfill around the root ball with a 50/50 mix of Irish Moss Peat and soil. Sprinkle Westland Rose Plant Food around the plant and fork in. Firm the Irish Moss Peat around the plant using your heel and water well.


Before sowing a new lawn it is important to ensure the soil texture is uniform otherwise settlement will occur causing an uneven lawn surface. This can be ensured by mixing a 2 inch layer of Irish Moss Peat with the soil and mixing well. This will improve the soil structure and encourage the grass seed to germinate. 


Remove all weeds from the area to be treated. It is recommended to place a ground cover membrane on the soil surface before applying Irish Moss Peat. Spread a layer 2-4cm deep evenly over the surface. A mulch layer of Irish Moss Peat will help to reduce moisture loss from the soil during hot weather and protect the roots from frost. It will also help reduce weeds.

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