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Guy Fawkes Night and Wild Birds

The celebration of Guy Fawkes and the firework season is a fun and entertaining event for us, but for wildlife it can be a stressful time!

As having a bonfire is an outdoor event, this can of course disturb the natural habitat of various creatures, especially wild birds. Birds are often overlooked as the main focus is on pets, but they can be just as distressed.

If you are planning on having a bonfire, it is best to leave setting it up to the last minute. This is because wild birds and other wildlife may look for somewhere warm to shelter. Please check the surrounding area for any nesting and roosting sites, and keep clear to avoid any disturbance whilst enjoying this season!

Bonfires and fireworks can be stressful for wild birds!

When the fun is over, please make sure to pick up any waste or discarded wrappers as the plastic can be very dangerous to wildlife.

Whilst buying sweets and treats for Trick or Treaters on Halloween, why not pick up a bag of Peckish Mealworm treats to give the wild birds in your garden a wholesome and nutritious meal that is high in protein. Perfect for garden birds!

See how Peckish performs in your garden by finding your nearest stockist.

Photo by Hannah Web via Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons

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