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Say Hello and Goodbye to the Birds in your Garden

You’ll get to meet old familiar friends in Autumn, like thrushes, finches and buntings. Some, like the Goldcrest navigate their way across the vast North Sea and return each autumn. Quite a feat for such a tiny bird!

You’ll need to change how you care for the birds in your garden, due to the change in population and the dip in temperatures. You’ve probably already seen an increase in the numbers of birds spotted in your garden, and are set to see even more!

So, here are a few pointers for attracting birds to your garden this autumn:

More seeds, more birds

You’ll need to put out a bird seed that’s suitable for a wide variety of garden birds. Therefore, a good rule of thumb is that the more seeds in the blend, the more birds it will attract. Our Peckish Complete Seed mix is packed with 12 different ingredients, and enriched with Calvita vitamin mix to aid development and growth.

Fuel birds longer

As the weather gets cooler, it’s a good idea to supplement bird seed with suet products. Our Peckish Complete Energy Balls are a great choice as they have a high fat content, perfect for keeping energy levels up when temperatures drop! The no-mess formula also ensures there is less waste as birds can eat every last seed!

Feeders for all weather

Make sure the feeders you use are durable enough to survive the changing British weather. Our Peckish All Weather range of feeders are made from hard wearing durable metal, designed to withstand the elements. There is a specialist feeder for every requirement, from Nyjer to sunflowers and energy balls to suet cakes.

Take care when cutting back hedges and trees

While it’s good to have a tidy up in your garden during autumn, do take care to leave a little foliage that birds can use to hide from predators and shelter from the elements.

Watch out for Jack Frost

Birds need access to clean water all year round. Our new Peckish Secret Garden Bird Bath is perfect for this, as it’s made from sturdy metal and has a decorative finish. If we have an early frost, check bird baths and ponds to make sure they haven’t frozen over.

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