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Choosing the Right Container or Pot

The right pot or container is essential to your success and your ability to care for your plant properly.

Plants need to have enough room to grow and for roots to develop. They also need good drainage and access to sunlight.

Follow the tips below to choose the right pot or container for you and your plant:


  • Re-pot plants in a pot that’s one size bigger than you are growing
  • Choose a pot that’s big enough to comfortably fit all of the plants you want to grow
  • Read the label on your plant to find out how large it’s likely to grow and any special requirements


  • Always choose a pot with drainage holes at the bottom to avoid water-logging
  • If you find it difficult to keep pots watered regularly, consider buying a pot with a saucer underneath
  • Use a handful of Westland Potting Grit at the bottom of the pot before putting in compost to help with drainage.


  • Plants are not really fussy about what the material of a pot is
  • Choose a pot that you like the look of and that looks good in your garden
  • Clay pots can be very heavy when filled with compost. Consider how often you want to move the pot and if necessary, consider fitting it with wheels (available from most garden centres) to ensure you can move it around easily.

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