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DIY Plant Labels

You can create plant labels out of all sorts of common household items, including bits of wood, pegs, old spoons and even margarine tubs. All you need is a bit of imagination!

Alternatively, for ease, or a really professional finish, head to your local garden retailer for a wide choice of ready-made styles.

Ice Lolly Sticks

Really simple to create. Simply eat your ice lolly or ice-cream, grab a ball point pen and write on the stick, Voila!

Wine Corks

Grab a permanent marker and write directly onto the cork. Attached to a leftover fork or a spare pencil and plonk in the ground.


Use a permanent marker and write directly onto the pebble. Maximum brownie points for sketching a small image to go with the name. Place on the ground in front of the plant.

Yogurt Pots

Cut out a plant label shape from a yogurt pot using scissors. Use a permanent market and write directly onto the white plastic.

Broken fragments of terracotta pots

If your pots haven’t survived the winter, give them a new use. Write directly onto the broken fragments using permanent market and insert into the ground.


Shave off a diagonal section on the top of a twig with a knife, creating a flat surface to write on. Use a ballpoint pen or permanent marker.

Blackboard paint

Paint a section of your pot or container using blackboard paint and write directly on the surface using chalk. Not great for heavy downpours, but will last a while!


Write the name of your plant on the side of a peg using permanent market. Attach to a twig or cane and secure in the ground.


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