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Keep your garden tidy with Gardman

Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. As things get back to normal it is time to get your garden tidy; ready for summer BBQs and drinks with friends. Gardman have the equipment you need to get your garden in the best shape.

Space is important. It is time to dispose of clutter in your greenhouses, sheds, and garages. Remove debris from your patios and decking ready for outdoor furniture space. Our essentials checklist will ensure you have the best equipment for a spring clean!

Gardman garden tidy checklist

Garden debris in beds & borders

Garden tidy - leavesOdd leaves tend to stick around in your beds and borders after the autumn/ winter months, now is the time to get these cleared up and get your borders looking fresh again.

Gardman’s pop-up bins and tidy sheets are perfect for gathering garden leaves and debris.


Patio & decking cleaning

Patios and decking are often neglected over winter and with harsh weather conditions dirt gathers. Use Gardman brushes to remove moss, weeds and dirt from patios and block paving as well as sweeping up leaves.

Gardman’s scrubbing brush is ideal for scrubbing down garden furniture and other outdoor objects along with it being great for removing dirt and marks from many surfaces such as tiles and concrete flooring. Before using soapy water to clean your surfaces make sure all garden debris has been brushed away. After scrubbing down surfaces with soapy water remember to ensure you have rinsed away with fresh clean water.

If you want to go a step further to ensure you have a sparkly clean patio, remove green mould and algae with Resolva Xtra Clean.


“June Drop”

Garden tidy - apples

At the end of spring apples and other fruit will begin to drop from trees. Be prepared with Gardman’s Easy Picker and garden rubbish sacks to clear up fallen apples. The easy picker is also beneficial to keep around when hosting garden parties, a simple accessory to pick up rubbish around your home and garden.



Further garden tidy tips

  • Edge beds & borders
  • Mulch beds & borders
  • Mow lawns
  • Deadheading flowers
  • Weeding
  • Plant new plants & flowers

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